If the blue hue of the warm sky could be packaged into a parcel of illuminating gold, it would not be adequate as a comparison of the hypnotic depth of your pretty, teary eyes… 

If the silent but loud whisper of the unshakeable wind could be stored for an eternity, it would not rhyme with your sleek voice that has the capacity to put my heart on edge.. Filling and quenching the deep thirst present in the abyss of my mortal soul… 

If the orange horizon could be an eternal manifestation of beauty in a beautiful painting , it would not compare to how you make my heart move to the beat of the swaying trees… 

If I was dared to dine with the dangerous sharks in the sea bottom just to be at your near quarters, I would swim with the creatures that possess an insatiable hunger for human flesh.. To prove a point-a point that, it is only your name that caused my insanity… 

If…..  if only I could be deserving of your love, then the vastness of the universe could fit in my palms, and if you would only throw a look  my way, just for a millisecond, then my world would hit a stand still.. 

If only you were mine, then I would not help but fall in a pitless love so deep the seas would brim with envy:because you’d make my universe second to none. It would be an unmatched one.. 

If… If.. If…oh my dearest one. 


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